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Made to Measure

Owning his own kilt is a rite of passage for any Scotsman; an investment that can last a lifetime.

Tailored to You

Neil Selbie & Co. work with some of the best Tartan Mills and Weavers in Scotland to provide our customers with Highland Dress of the very highest quality.

Quality Tartans

We create made to measure 8 yd Kilts and Trews in over 600 different Tartans, hand stitched with kilts availalable in military or to set style pleating.


Jackets and Vests all made to measure using only the finest fabrics and traditional Tweeds to complement your chosen Tartan. Make your outfit truly unique to you with a choice of cloths, linings and buttons.

A Stylish Gift

Struggling to find the perfect gift? Why not purchase a gift voucher available for either the kilt shop or the coffee shop.

The Authentic Way

The way you wear your kilt outfit is imperative but can often be a little confusing for the first time wearer! We have put together a guide to get you looking your best in your new outfit.

Kilt – The kilt should be worn around the navel or up to an inch above the navel depending on your preference. The pleats of the kilt at the back and aprons at the front. The kilt should hang down towards the middle of the knee.

Jacket & Waistcoat – A variety of styles available. Generally the jacket should be left open to show the buttons on the waistcoat.

Shirt & Tie – Traditional kilt shirts come with a winged collar and can be worn with a bow tie or cravat tie. Normal shirts are a good alternative when a straight tie is being worn.

Belt & Buckle – Is optional when wearing a waistcoat; the belt buckle can often compliment the sporran cantle.

Sporran – Worn around the waist with the chain strap running through 2 loops at the back of the kilt. The sporran should sit 3-4 inches below the belt buckle.

Kilt Pin – Is worn on the right hand side pinned through the front apron only approximately 4 inches from the bottom of the kilt and 2 inches in from the fringe.

Kilt Hose – These are long socks which should be worn just below the bottom of the knee (approx 2 inches). The socks should be folded down at the top, this will hide the garter for the flashes and also show the decoration on the sock.

Kilt Flashes – Available in tartan to match the kilt or solid colours. The flashes should be worn on the outside of the calves and the garter should be hidden under the fold of the sock.

Sgian Dubh – Worn tucked into the sock with only about an inch of the sgian dubh being shown.

Ghillie Brogues – These kilt shoes have long laces and no tongue. To tie the laces start by twisting the laces 3 times and pull tight to the bottom of the leg. Wrap the laces round the back of the leg and then back round to the front coming up your leg about 2 inches or 3 finger space. Bring the laces round to the outside of the leg and tie a knot leaving the tassels dangling at the outside.

Outfit Examples

Outfit Examples


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